Early days

Day 1. The Guards arrive at the prison in blacked-out cars. Once inside, they have no way of imagining the outside. The prison is their entire world.

The night before we had met with them to describe the layout of the prison, the resources at their disposal, and to instruct them to draw up rules to make the prison work. Now they see the prison for themselves. They change into their uniforms. They are ready.

Shortly after, the Prisoners arrive, also in blacked-out cars. They come one by one. They are told to shower, to change into their prison uniform and to hand over their personal clothes, watches and valuables. Then their hair is cropped. Finally they are locked into a small three-man cell.

All the Prisoners succumb to this treatment without a word of complaint. The Guards are in control.

During processing, all Prisoners' heads are shaved

During processing, all Prisoners' heads are shaved