The Researchers

Steve Reicher is Professor of Social Psychology at the University of St Andrews.

Together with Alex Haslam, in 2009 he received the British Psychological Society's Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Psychology for his work on the BBC Prison Study. He is a former Chief Editor of the British Journal of Social Psychology, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh, and a Fellow of the Academy for Social Science.

Recent books

Some recent publications

  • Reicher, S. D., & Haslam, S. A. (2011). After shock? Towards a social identity explanation of the Milgram ‘obedience’ studies. British Journal of Social Psychology, 50, 163-169.
  • Drury, J. & Reicher, S. D. (2009). Collective psychological empowerment as a model of social change: Researching crowds and power. Journal of Social Issues, 65, 707-725.
  • Sindic, D., & Reicher, S. D. (2009). 'Our way of life is worth defending': Testing a model of attitudes towards superordinate group membership through a study of Scots' attitudes towards Britain. European Journal of Social Psychology, 39, 114-129.
Steve Reicher

Steve Reicher